A local property developer saw potential in a site comprised of unused garages and came to MNCN with the intent to further develop a residential proposal to find a balance between maximising value of the site with quality of living for it’s occupants.

From the outset the aesthetics, scale and amenities associated with the proposal were honed to suit the surroundings of this prime location in Nottinghamshire. Working closely with the client, a Georgian-style aesthetic was opted for with a focus on detailing including string-courses, banding and tudor gables. The form extends to the rear to open up the living spaces and makes use of glazing in many forms to optimise the southerly facing rear elevation. This form also creates private, external sitting areas to break down the barrier between internal and external living.

The first floor consists of four bedrooms, varying in size to comply with the differing uses that comes with family life. Luxurious amenities such as walk-in dressing rooms and en-suites create added grandeur for the eventual occupants of this desirable development.