• Initial Consultation – taking Client’s Brief and Measured Survey (if permitted development)
  • Site Plan
  • Existing Plans
  • Proposed Plans (Incl. Roof and Foundation Plan)
  • Existing Elevations
  • Proposed Elevations
  • Proposed Sections
  • Proposed Details
  • Building Regulations/Construction Notes
Proposed Single-Storey Extension – Working Drawing Package

Following the building regulations stage, it may be advisable to develop an architectural construction package, otherwise known as working drawings, to ensure absolute clarity around a proposal and how it will be built . This can be particularly valuable on complex projects and/or where a Client sees value in removing uncertainty at the pricing stage of a construction project.

This package constitutes a more detailed version of a building regulations drawings in order to provide further clarification around how a building will be set out and constructed. The value of which comes from the minimisation of uncertainty between all parties; designer, Client and builder. This comes from the added scrutiny around aspects of the design which are not a particular concern for planning and building regulations to clarify how things will be built and leading to more accurate quotes and less room for interpretation when constructing on site. This can ultimately save the Client time and money in the long-term.