For this detached family home in Trowell, a proposal consisting of three extensions was comprised to accommodate the growing need for additional bedrooms and flexible living space.

A two-storey side extension was the starting point. This added sufficient floor space to suit the client’s needs while incorporating more luxury items such as en-suites to increase the property’s value. To optimise the southerly sun while maintaining privacy from the adjacent highway, high-level windows were incorporated to the ground floor region of the side elevation. Along with bi-fold doors to the rear and rooflights to the front, this ensured a light-filled, welcoming environment throughout the expanse of open space at ground level.

The ground floor of the side extension is further increased with a lean-to extension to the front. Along with additional floor space, this adds a sense of presence to the front of the property and brings variety to the form of the dwelling.

A flat-roof extension to the rear completes the proposal. This brings flexibility to the kitchen/dining area which is a focal point at this home as it is with so many others. Once again, glazing in the form of bi-fold doors and a skylight allows sufficient natural light ingress and softens to link between interior and exterior.