Prior to the completion of a construction project, there’s no better way to visualise a property than photorealistic renders (in layman’s terms: computer models that are rendered on computer software to look like photos of real buildings…….such as your future dream home!). 

Here at MNCN we provide a service where your desired proposal can have images developed to gain a true perspective of it’s aesthetics, proportion and scale; both externally or internally, day or night. This can be incredibly valuable to a project in many perspectives to a variety of clientele, from homeowners to professional property developers. The advantages are as follows: 

  • Save time and money – the advantage of having the client and designer see the proposal at an early stage helps minimise misunderstandings, crossed wires and the associated time and economical cost that comes with them.
  • To aid design – renders used at the design stage can help clients (homeowners or developers) efficiently visualise a proposed property and in some cases, many different versions of the same proposal. This can help influence the design of factors such as how a development will look from the outside to internal furnishings and even the configuration of layouts and/or glazing in order to attain the desired feel within a proposal. This also helps clarify how a proposal can best optimise surrounding views and natural light ingress throughout the building in it’s particular location.
  • Marketing/Publicising – having an image of a property prior to construction helps potential buyers visualise the property at a far earlier point than the alternative of taking photos of the building once complete, thus increasing the chances of an early sale. This is particularly attractive to property developers where they can obtain payment faster to allow the cash flow needed to move forward with funding other plans.

Should you have an enquiry regarding the above or any of our other services, feel free to contact us at info@mncn.co.uk and we would be happy to discuss.

Before and after images – Sketchup model screenshot to rendered image on Lumion (photorealistic and sketch examples)