|FROM £200|

  • Initial Consultation – taking Client’s Brief, Site Visit
  • Concept Package (Desktop Study/Report, Sketched Proposals and/or CGIs)
  • Budget Estimation (if requested)

The infancy of projects can oftentimes consist of uncertainty and a lack of direction. This is simply due to the quantity of variables involved with building design and construction. Variables such as choosing what a client would like to have built, what the budget is able to achieve, what would compliment a site, what is desired by the local authority as well as many others.

It is in this scenario where a client may consider getting an architectural designer involved to give their professional insight and develop some proposals to gain some clarity on the best way to move things forward.

In order to achieve this, here at MNCN we provide a service which starts with a visit to site to take the client’s brief and discuss potential options, all the while aiming to improve clarity on what is both achievable and suitable and to narrow the focus to the minimum amount of ideal concepts. This way ensures the client saves money that would otherwise be spent exploring substandard concepts from the outset.

Moving on from the meeting, we develop a conceptual package from the agreed brief to aid the client’s process of deciding what to proceed with. This package consists of all or a combination of the following: desktop study/report, hand sketches, CAD drawings and photorealistic images/CGIs. Should the potential for a project achieving planning approval in the next stage be in doubt, it is at this stage that it may be advisable to submit to the council for pre-application advice. This allows both us and the Client to gain an understanding on whether the council perceives the proposal as possible before proceeding with the next stage (planning) and incurring the cost that comes with it.

Should the scenario above ring true with you, feel free to contact us at info@mncn.co.uk and we will happily discuss and arrange a quote.